Last updated: June 9, 2017

Solo for Windows Change History

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Solo is a maintenance update which delivers fixes to user reported problems with previous releases of the software. This version of Solo is compatible with Windows versions: 2K/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8 & Win10. We encourage all users to update to this version of Solo.

Change History

Fixes to Solo delivered in this Update:

  1. Exporting to PowerPoint 2016 (MSO16) fails during export function initialization while "connecting to MS-PowerPoint". Changes in the Automation (OLE/Com) functionality in PPT2016 (specifically in InitTextDefaults where changing default text object settings is no longer permitted) caused an error in the Solo to PPT interface. This has been corrected.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.10 delivered in this Update:

  1. Modified fix to PowerPoint 2013 export issue to also apply to PowerPoint 2010.
  2. Corrected issue with the "Selected Pages", "All Pages" controls disappearing from the File Export Dialog when the Solo application window is "Maximized".

Fixes to Solo delivered in this Update:

  1. Exporting to PowerPoint 2013 fails during export function initialization. Changes in the Automation (OLE/Com) functionality in PPT 2013 (specifically to SetVisible property of FillFormat and FrameLineFormat objects) caused an error in the Solo to PPT interface. This has been corrected.
  2. When initiating the export to PPT process, the PowerPoint application is supposed to open in the background without a visible window. In PPT 2013 the logic of the "withWindow" parameter in the AddPresentation call appears to have been reversed. Prior to PPT 15 (2013) passing msoTrue would cause the application to open without a window, in PPT 15 passing msoFalse is required. This has been corrected.
  3. The Solo Registry Updater (used to switch the default version of Solo, if more than one installed) is now a 32-bit application. (Prior installers were inadvertently installing a 16-bit version.)
  4. The Solo 4.5 project has been ported to the latest version of Microsoft's C++ compiler (Microsoft Visual Studio 2012). As a consequence, the minimum operating system requirement for Solo 4.5.10, and later versions, is now Windows 2000. Windows 95 and 98 are no longer supported.
  5. Solo 4.5.10, compiled with VS2012, is now considered a "modern", as opposed to "legacy", application. As such, Solo runs with only "User" privileges and "Read Only" access to files which reside in the "Solo 4.n" application folder. All Solo documentation, and the Template File, have been moved out of the Solo Application folder and into a "Solo 4.n" directory inside the user's My Documents folder.
  6. Changes to the Windows 8 user interface, specifically the removal of the Start menu, has necessitated some changes to the structure of the Solo program Group (now visible in the Win 8 "All Apps" view. To avoid clutter in the All Apps display, all program group links, except the Solo application, have been removed. These documents are now accessible in the new "Solo 4.n" folder found in the user's My Documents folder.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.9 delivered in this Update:

  1. Exporting drawings, or charts, containing arcs to PowerPoint was resulting in mal-formed arc shapes in the PowerPoint document. This problem was first corrected in Solo 4.5.8, but reappeared in the Solo 4.5.9 release due to a bug in the PPT version checking logic guarding the original fix. This has been corrected.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.8 delivered in this Update:

  1. The startup screen was incorrectly displaying Power Macintosh instead of Windows. This has been corrected.
  2. A problem displaying font menus on Windows Vista and Windows 7 where the font list would extend beyond the bottom of the screen, rendering some fonts inaccessible, has been corrected.
  3. Windows 7 sets the default folder permissions on all folders in the Program Files directory to Read Only which prevents Solo from writing to the Solo Temp Files and Preferences folders stored in the Solo 4.n folder. Solo now uses SHGetFolderPath to determine where to store application data as recommended by Microsoft. As of Windows 7 this means that these folders are now typically stored in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\AxonInc\Solo\4.5\
  4. A problem with rotated text "disappearing" on Windows machines with large (2GB+) amounts of memory has been corrected.
  5. The Chart menu, in the Page Editor view, has been modified to more accurately reflect the available axis settings for the currently selected chart. For Scatter, X-Y and Bubble charts, which display 2 scale axis, the Chart menu now shows "X-Axis Settings..." and "Y-Axis Settings...". Previously, the menu displayed "Baseline Axis..." and "Scale Axis..." which was confusing, since these charts have 2 scale axis.
  6. A problem with exporting Solo content to a non-PowerPoint format (e.g. .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, etc.) with PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 installed has been corrected.
  7. A screen update issue, during the application start-up process, when running Solo on Windows 7 with the Aero Glass interface truned on, has been corrected.

(Please note that Solo 4.5.7 was not released to the public.)

Fixes to Solo 4.5.6 delivered in this Update:

  1. A problem which prevented exporting Solo documents to PowerPoint 2007 has been corrected.
  2. An incompatibility between Solo and the Japanese version of Windows Vista which caused the text input window not to be displayed when composing Kanji text, has been fixed.
  3. Improved scrolling behavior on new very fast PCs. We now limit scroll speed to improve control when scrolling by pages as well as lines.
  4. A problem with incorrect line spacing when exporting text to PowerPoint using the MS PGothic font on a Japanese system has been corrected.
  5. Corrected a display problem when entering edit mode on the message text of an empty storyboard cell in the Windows version. The cell structure was drawn with the incorrect color.
  6. The Preferences and Solo Temp File dirctories, previously created in the Windows directory, are now located in the Solo application directory in the Windows version of Solo. This allows Solo to be run without modifications on Standard User (non-Administrative) accounts.
  7. When installing Solo for the first time the Template Format default is now initialized to "Standard" as opposed to "Unspecified". This avoids new users having to know to select a layout format before placing their first template.
  8. It is now possible to export rotated Picture objects to PowerPoint 2007 in the Windows version of Solo.
  9. Improved handling of complex formatted text blocks when exporting to PowerPoint.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.5 delivered in this Update:

  1. A problem causing an "invalidfont" error, and subsequent failure to print when printing to a newer PostScript printer or the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, has been corrected.
  2. The "Exclude from Slideshow" setting was not being honored if the Slideshow was activated using the Quicklook or Open commands, this problem has been fixed.
  3. The PageUp/PageDown keys can now be used to control the Slideshow.This allows for the use of popular "remote controls" when running the Slideshow.
  4. A problem with Solo using 100% of avalable CPU cycles when displaying a dialog has been fixed.
  5. Under some circumstances, the Windows version of Solo would quit with a disk error if the user double clicked a Solo document when Solo was not yet running. This problem has been corrected.
  6. If a user worked on Solo documents on a computer which clock had been reset to indicate January 1, 1904, due to a battery failure, the page's last saved time stamp would show January 1, 1904 (or January 1, 1970 on some machines) and would not update correctly even after the computer's clock had been properly set. This problem has been fixed.
  7. A problem with Solo reporting "Not enough memory (-108)" on startup when running on Windows XP SP2 with 1GB, or more, memory installed has been corrected.
  8. If a dialog was positioned outside the application window and a sub-dialog was then invoked, the sub-dialog would not be visible on the screen. This problem has been fixed.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.4 delivered in this Update:

  1. Solo no longer fails with an "unexpected error" when Quitting after user has installed the latest Windows Update for Windows XP.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.3 delivered in this Update:

  1. Copying PICT objects in the Page Editor and then pasting them onto an empty Storyboard cell in another document no longer causes Solo to report a fatal error.
  2. When opening a second document and Placing Templates in Novice mode, Solo now puts the template into the correct (front most) document.
  3. Dragging one document on top off another when the "Live" dragging setting in on, now works correctly.
  4. When there are more than 256 fonts installed, the Fonts menus now display a Font Selection dialog from which any available font can be selected.
  5. The Character Dialog now correctly handles text imbedded in groups.
  6. If the current selection contains several sizes of fonts including at least one non-standard size (e.g. 17 pt), clicking OK without making any changes no longer applies the non-standard font size to all the selected text objects.
  7. Support of Copying/Pasting of "Text Style" and "Content" links.
  8. Relinking of the "Text Style" link when the "Content" link is on, now works correctly.
  9. Deleting a "Private" Named Object from the Named Object list now displays a message which is appropriate for page Private objects.
  10. Solo now imbeds full font names when exporting Solo pages in PICT format. When reading PIC or PCT files Solo now also looks for and uses font name PIC comments.
  11. Discrete values in Bubble Chart Options can now be separated with a semicolon (the comma character was being used before).
  12. Placing Chart Templates in Storyboard cells that only contain message line data, once again will display a Chart miniature instead of an empty target area.
  13. A problem with file names in the "Import All" in the Storyboard has been corrected.
  14. A crash problem with Mekko Charts has been corrected (Large Range Values).
  15. A problem with fonts, in text objects placed with a template, sometimes changing to some arbitrary font when the page is revisited has been corrected.
  16. When the text selection contains multiple non-standard font sizes, these sizes are now added to the font size menu dynamically.
  17. Setting the Print Scaling to 25% on legal sized pages no longer clips the top and bottom part of the page when viewed in Shrink-To-Fit view in the Page Editor.
  18. A PostScript error, when printing rounded cornered rectangles, where the rectangle dimensions are less then the rounded corner radius, has been corrected.
  19. A new "Color Palette..." command has been added to the Layout menu in the Page Editor view. This allows for adding custom colors to Solo's color palettes.
  20. When importing image files, the imported image is now automatically scaled to fit on the page.
  21. Resolved an issue where Solo would report Not Enough Memory when running on PCs with 1GB or more of physical memory installed.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.3 Installation:

  1. The Solo Installer is now Windows 2000 compatible. It now properly configures the Win 2000 Add/Remove Software applet.
  2. An incompatibility with PowerPoint 2002 in the Solo to PowerPoint Export DLL has been corrected.
  3. An installer problem with extending the expiration date of an existing installation has been fixed.

Earlier Fixes

Fixes to Solo 4.5.2 delivered in this Update:

  1. Opening documents when launching the application under the Kanji System now works correctly. (version 4.5.2a)
  2. A problem placing a template containing chart objects in the Storyboard view has been corrected.
  3. Exporting to PowerPoint from a document created with Solo versions prior to 3.0 no longer reports an invalid font name error if Page Numbers were turned on and using a non-standard Macintosh font.
  4. Exporting charts which display connect lines now results in a better choice of dash pattern in the PowerPoint document. Previously the dash pattern was so dense so as to appear solid.
  5. The Named Objects dialog has been made wider to better accomodate longer names.
  6. The quotes around the file name in the file copy progress dialog are now displayed correctly on Kanji systems.
  7. A display problem with Tool Tips not updating behind selected text when in edit mode has been corrected.
  8. The "Forward Delete" key once again works correctly in cells in the Chart Data Window.
  9. A potential crash problem when copying pages from one document to another, has been eliminated (only when Tool Tips were turned on).
  10. Copying an object (leaving it selected) and then pasting, once again creates another object on top of the first one.
  11. Under Kanji, characters are no longer lost when entering a large number of characters in the Input Method Window.
  12. The chart data window icon is now correctly drawn even for rotated charts.
  13. Exporting Kanji text containing a mixture of 1 and 2-byte characters to PowerPoint now correctly preserves the original character formatting.
  14. Opening a document with an ".rsr" extension is now handled correctly.
  15. A display problem with "Greeked Text" in Storyboard miniatures for small size text has been corrected.
  16. Under Kanji, the suggested filename can now be greater than 8 characters in the "Export" Standart File dialog.
  17. Under Kanji, when drawing "Invisibles" is turned on, the space character (dot) now displays correctly.
  18. Swapping columns in the Chart Data Window for "Paired Charts" now works correctly.
  19. Successively nudging a large collection of selected objects no longer causes selection handle drawing to get "out of synch".
  20. Handling text selection and entering edit mode in tables has been made more consistent when using either the text tool or the selector tool.
  21. Default tab spacing is now handled correctly when exporting to PowerPoint.
  22. A crash problem has been fixed when entering the Page Editor View when more than 256 fonts are installed in the System Fonts folder.
  23. When pasting RTF text from another application onto an empty Solo page, Solo will now only create a scrollable text block, and change the page orientation, if the text contains 5 or more paragraphs or more than 500 characters of text.
  24. Tab formatting in Text Table Cells with multiple paragraphs now works correctly.
  25. A problem with variable height tables not recalculating correctly if a row contains an empty cell, has been corrected.
  26. The clipping icon displayed in table cells when the cell contents is being partially obscured has been modified to not show the icon for single line text, and only display it if more the 75% of the last line of text is clipped.
  27. A problem with clicking on the Data Window Icon in a chart with transparent background has been fixed.
  28. Visiting the Table Cell Settings dialog no longer alters the text alignment of selected cells if cell content alignment was not changed.
  29. Altering the line indents in the text ruler of a table cell while pressing the Ctrl key now correctly updates the display of text in all other selected cells.
  30. Pasting a cell containg text into multiple other cells in a table no longer causes some of the pasted cell's text to sometimes disappear.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.1 delivered in this Update:

  1. Support for Stacked Cost Curve and Mekko charts.
  2. Support for Stationary Document Files (*.X1Z).
  3. A problem with drawing Pictures containing certain pixel map resolutions has been corrected.
  4. Exporting tables to PowerPoint containing cells with line spacing set to 0 now works correctly.
  5. Corrected a problem with Solo not recording the correct object count when the user performed a Save while in edit mode on a text object in the Page Editor.
  6. Kanji text exported from Solo to PowerPoint now appears correctly in the PowerPoint document.
  7. When exporting text to PowerPoint containing a mixture of fonts which name's start with the same string of characters, e.g. "Arial" and "Arial Black", some text in the PowerPoint document could end up with the incorrect font. This problem has been corrected.
  8. Improved the initial dimensions and location of the Chart Data Window.
  9. Under Windows 98/NT, a problem with updating the contents of some dialogs after performing a dragging operation has been corrected.
  10. Copying and pasting of object attributes and named object links is now supported.
  11. Changing the location and size links of named line shapes now works correctly.
  12. Undoing the rotation of line shapes from the Line Info dialog now works correctly.
  13. Pasting Kanji text copied from PowerPoint into the Page Editor now works correctly.
  14. Modifying text aligment and applying named paragraphs to multiple cells in a table can now be done using the text ruler.
  15. Exporting charts containing colored sprites to PowerPoint now works correctly.
  16. A potential crash problem when exporting single cell tables to PowerPoint has been corrected.
  17. The cell selection in tables no longer disappears when a dialog is opened.
  18. It is now possible to change the current cell when a range of cells in a table are selected by simply clicking on another cell in the selection.
  19. It is now possible to double click in a table cell with text content, to bring up the Cell Properties dialog, by clicking to the right or left of a line of text. Previously the second click would always enter text edit mode on the cell.
  20. A problem when closing a document after visiting the Slideshow settings dialogs has been corrected.
  21. Sprites in line charts when turned on now default to be "All Same".
  22. Selecting an element of a text ruler after undoing an apply named paragraph from the text ruler while in edit mode now works correctly.
  23. Tool tips draw correctly after setting text color to white.
  24. Column widths and row heights can now be changed for the entire table by just selecting the table without selecting any cells.
  25. The Place Template dialog now correctly avoids all docked taskbars when first opened.

Fixes to Solo 4.5.0 delivered in this Update:

  1. A problem with exporting a text block with "space before" paragraph formatting to PowerPoint has been corrected. The text now appears in the correct position in the PowerPoint document.
  2. Exporting fixed height text blocks to PowerPoint now works correctly.
  3. Exporting a closed polygon with arrowheads turned on no longer causes PowerPoint to report a "value out of range" error.
  4. Scrolling speed in the storyboard has been greatly improved.
  5. Dropping a Solo key on the application icon no longer causes Solo to display an empty application window with only a "Window" and "Help" menu showing.
  6. Performing a right button mouse click in the Page Editor view will now display a contextual menu.
  7. The "Properties...' menu item in the "File" menu can now be used to control "Fractional Character Widths" in documents.
  8. A problem with displaying page numbers when closing multiple documents has been corrected.
  9. Clearing the offsets of axis labels now works correctly.
  10. Exporting pages containing PICTs with invalid bounds no longer causes PowerPoint to report an "Out Of Memory" condition.
  11. Word and line wrapping problems in the exported PowerPoint document due to the lack of fractional character width support in Windows 95/98 have been reduced or eliminated by slightly enlarging the text box bounds.
  12. The problem with some exported text blocks appearing "empty" in the PowerPoint document because their line heights have been set to 0, has been corrected.
  13. The scroll speed in the Page Editor, the Data Table and Clipboard Window is now limited to a maximum rate to avoid scrolling "too fast" on newer (400 MHz) PCs.
  14. A potential crash problem when moving from page to page in the Page Editor view with no Template File open, has been eliminated.
  15. A problem with undoing the placing of a Template that contains named objects that need to be resolved has been corrected.
  16. Choosing the contents of graphic pictures can now be done from their "Get Object Info" dialogs ( The only other shortcut is Control/Double Click ).
  17. A problem when closing the Clipboard window has been corrected.
  18. The problem in the scale axis dialog in setting the axis type to log has been corrected.
  19. A redraw problem in the Page Identifiers dialog has been corrected.
  20. The "Date modified" option in the "Select Cells" dialog now works correctly.


If you have questions, contact Axon Technical Support at:

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